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Store Review: 1-800-GET-LENS

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Customer Service
Would Shop Again
Overall Satisfaction
#29200 September 09 2011
Availability is not accurate. The site said that one of my lenses would be available in 3-4 days, and the other in 5-8 days. A couple days after placing the order they told me they didn't stock these lenses after all and would have to order from the supplier (which meant a month delay). When I pointed out the availability on their site, they offered free shipping to help (but, I already had free shipping due to a coupon, so it was not a help!). I could not change the order without cancelling it, so I cancelled it and went with a different company. Also, I had to call on the phone to cancel instead of email, and after cancelling, their order status on their website did not reflect the fact that I had cancelled. Note: is the same company, if you create an account with one you create it with the other (they have my order info on both).
Customer Service
Would Shop Again
Overall Satisfaction
#29192 August 19 2010
Wonderful experience! First time I ordered online. Checked other reviews for other online companies and they were scary!!When I called to see how the customer service was, spoke with Candy and Holly. Both girls were pleasant and helpful.My perscription is very bad but they had them in stock and I had them at my home within a week. I could track everything online. Everything was simple. I have already recommended to friends and family. Great customer service goes along way with me and this company has some of the BEST! Great job to all the folks at 1-800-get-lens!

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