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CIBA Vision


Ciba vision is a company that researches, develops, and manufactures contact lenses and their accompanying lens products.

Founded in 1859, Cibavision has since merged with Sandoz to form Norvartis- thus- being known as a Norvartis company. Ciba vision manufactures contact lenses- most notably Air Optix brand- that are designed to ease the hassle of lens wearing while also promoting unmatched comfort and health. Their Tricomfort technology ensures that your lenses will, retain moisture, allow your eyes to breath, and resist deposit. Your eyes will look as healthy as they feel.

Cibavision is notable for the massive steps in innovation they’ve taken to enhance the quality of contact lenses as a whole. They’ve developed the first disposable contact lens, one of the best lenses for astigmatism, and even manufactured a lens that is suitable for 30 days of continuous wear. To go along with their lenses, the company has manufactured lens care solutions that even further the comfort and functionality of the lenses. AOsept Plus Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution remains one of the top brands optometrists suggest for lens care. To ensure effective and healthy wear, Cibavision even features a proper use and care guide on their site- they want to ensure your eyes are taken care of.

Ciba vision remains one of the top lens care providers, not only nationally, but globally- their products are available in over 70 different countries. Their innovative products help to shape our vision of the future. Intrinsically motivated by our needs- and our eyes- Ciba vision will continue to lead the stride into the future. Unparalleled service. Unselfish Commitment. Unmatched Innovation. Outstanding products. Ciba vision is truly the whole package.

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